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7 Home & Garden Projects to Tackle this Spring in The Valley

The Amy Jones Group
Mar 12 4 minutes read

Whether it's spring cleaning or planting a new garden for the season, we've got you covered! Arizona can be tricky with it's planting seasons, how to take care of a lawn and the best way to prepare for summer. We've come up with 7 tips to get you started!

1. Maintenance Your AC before it heats up!

Time for a tune-up! Anytime there is a season change, you should always change your AC filter. This will save you on energy costs and efficiency. Pro-tip - Schedule your AC pre-summer maintenance now before the rates climb in July!

Reach out to our preferred vendor, Team AIR-zona for all of your maintenance and repair needs in AZ:

2. Bring on The Sunshine: Clean All Windows

Arizona has had some unconventional cold and rainy weather lately. Let’s open up those windows, clean them inside and out and let that sunshine shine on in! Really want to see the sparkle and shine on those windows? Use a squeegee or leftover newspaper with your glass cleaner. No lint here!

3. Freshen The Fridge: How to Clean Those Coils

I know what you’re thinking, I have to clean my fridge too? The thing is, when dirt builds up and around the coils inside of your refrigerator, it actually uses more energy to cool. More energy means a higher electric bill and nobody wants that! Why not take a day to clean the coils to save! It’s also nice to have the peace of mind of a clean environment for your food and ice cubes.

Need help running errands ot with grocery shopping to fill up your refrigerator once it's clean? Contact our preferred vendor, My Errand Ally for details:

4. Spring Planting in Arizona

In Arizona, we have two planting seasons. We’re about to enter into our second one! Spring is a great time to work on your green thumb. When planning out your planting, make sure to pick a location in your yard that has the right amount of shade and sunshine. Location matters in vegetable and plant growing just like it matter in Real Estate!

5. Watering & Soil Tips

The best thing you can start with is a blend of 50-50 mixture of compost and native AZ soil. Don’t worry about mixing it yourself, most of your local home improvement stores or nurseries sell these compost mixtures. It’s important to remember that just because we live in the desert, doesn’t mean your plants don’t need more water. Too much watering not only harm the plan itself, but the surrounding plants as well. Most nurseries in Arizona will have experts on staff that can walk you through the process and recommend the right soil and watering process for you.

6. Vegetables to Plant in March in April

Vegetables to Plant in March – Dill, Cilantro, Watermelon, Spinach, Radishes, Peanuts, Melons, Corn, Carrots, Beets, Beans (snap).

Vegetables to Plant in April – Dill, Cilantro, Watermelon, Summer Squash, Spinach, Scallions, Radishes, Peas (southern), Peanuts, Okra, Melons, Cucumbers, corn, Carrots, Cantaloupe, Beans (snap).

7. Lawn Tips for the Best Spring Grass

In Arizona, lawns typically toggle back and forth between winter and summer grass. Spring is the time where our lawns start to transition back to that summer grass. Start by seeding the areas of your lawn that are sparse, or by applying herbicide to prevent and/or kill weeds. Make sure to separate the two tasks because the herbicide will kill they new seeds and you’ll be wondering why your lawn isn’t filling in.

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