We DO think agents should stick to geographic areas they know and not operate out of their area of expertise, but in this day and age of planned communities, there are often hundreds of "neighborhoods" in a particular geographic area.

We also know how important it is to have neighborhood knowledge regarding amenities etc., and a good agent will not blink an eye to learning all there is to know about a neighborhood when they list a home in that neighborhood.  Almost every seller is happy to share that information as well.

But, what if an agent HAS sold homes in your neighborhood BUT...what if this agent always overprices or has poor marketing skills so their listings hang around and take longer than normal to sell - losing the seller time and money?

Or, what if an agent has sold 3 homes in your neighborhood but hasn't sold any other homes anywhere else all year?

Or, on the flip side ~ what if an agent sold homes in your neighborhood but underpriced the listings?  Yep, they sold, but it might have cost the sellers thousands of dollars. Yikes!

Some sellers think that if an agent has sold a home in a particular neighborhood, that agent will likely have more buyers for that neighborhood.  That's not necessarily true.

An agent who only markets only to a particular neighborhood is actually limiting the number of buyers they are coming in contact with.  

An agent or better yet - a TEAM who has a wider scope of marketing will be more apt to have a pile of buyers who reached out on other listings and can tell those buyers about your home too if the other home wasn't a fit.

Great agents are those who are great at marketing your home.  They're also great at producing multiple buyers based on those marketing skills regardless of the neighborhood. WE are great at marketing homes all over the SE Valley and have the track record to prove it!