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Tricks & Treats - Happy Halloween

The Amy Jones Group
Oct 31 3 minutes read

Happy Halloween Everyone! We want to make sure you all have a fun and safe night. So we've put together this tips and "tricks" for a ghoul time this evening! 

Have a Plan

Whether you are having a Halloween party or taking the kids trick or treating, have a plan! Kids start to head out when the sun sets, so head out with the kids around the same time so that everyone is out in the neighborhood together. If the kids are heading out on their own, have a meeting spot and/or time to come back together and sort through their goodies before eating them!

Shine Bright

Make sure to wear reflectors, reflective clothing/costumes or some sort of fun blinking light that goes with everyone's costumes. You can also find every time of glow necklace, bracelet or glow stick at the dollar store. These are perfect to let any cars passing by know that you are there! Be safe and shine bright! It's a win win for all. 

Be Mindful

Not everyone participates in Halloween festivities and some people are not home. If you decide not to hand out candy to the kiddos this year, make sure to turn off all lights out front. Otherwise you might get tricked!

Also, make sure to let your trick or treaters know to not bother or disturb those with their porch and front lights turned off. Respect goes both ways!

Sort the Goods

It's always a good idea to dump out your goodies and sort through them together as a family after trick or treating. Better safe than sorry to search for open packages or sharp objects. This is such a fun time and night, so let's make sure that everyone stays safe.

Have Fun

The best part of Halloween night is having fun! We love dressing up and attending spooky parties or getting bags of candy for our kiddos. We also LOVE to see all of your pictures so that we can share them on our social sites. Please send them our way or post them to our pages to show of your family, costumes or kiddos!

Ready to Make the Big Move?

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