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Looking to go new? Take us with you!

Not only do we love looking at new homes, but you'll also love having us with you!

Would you rather be the FIRST person to EVER step foot on your bedroom carpet or have a say in whether the outlet is on the right side or the left side of the sink? Building a new home can be a daunting task but for some, it’s the only way to go! In Arizona, new construction is a part of our home buying story. With space in nearly every direction to build, many home buyers make the choice to start from the ground up rather than move into something that’s already been designed, constructed, and lived in.

5 Reasons to use a Real Estate Agent

Our team of new construction experts are well versed in working with spec, tract, semi-custom, and custom homes to ensure that you are well represented at every stage of the process. Here are the TOP FIVE reasons to take your real estate agent with you on your first visit to a new home builder in the area…and on every home buying trip thereafter!

1. It Doesn't Cost You a Dime

The new home buying process is pricey enough - we don’t want you having to pay for your representation on top of things! Just like when you buy a home on the MLS and the seller pays the fees for your buyer’s agent, the builder has a fund designated to pay real estate commissions for your representative! The BIG difference between resale and new home construction,  is that most builders will not encourage you to go out and seek representation nor will they offer it to you. Remember, that the folks in the sales office are representing the builder as an employee of their company and not you. 

At the Amy Jones Group, we LOVE working with builder representatives to provide you with the BEST new home buying experience at no charge to you. The only catch? You’ll see it on the door of every new home community in the state - “You must have your agent with you on the first visit to the model homes”. Standing outside and just dying to go in but forgot to give us a jingle? Don’t worry - we’re just a phone call away.


2. Picking faucets are fun, staring at dirt lots? Not so much.

Once we’ve strolled the models together and you’ve found the floor plan you absolutely LOVE, we’ll be picking the lot that works best for you and your family. While all of those little square boxes on the builder’s plat map may look the same to you - we see dollar signs on some and red flags on others. After years of experience in choosing lots to build on in the Valley, we know the right questions to ask you and the builder to ensure the house you build is as good as the land it sits on. 

Have you thought about sun exposure or which way your home faces at sunset? What is in your line of sight from the kitchen window and how much of that can be altered by the homes or buildings around you? Are you on a corner lot, across from a park, down the street from a busy intersection? Can you control the size or elevations of the houses around you or choose a lot without the utility box in front of your home? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll think of the things that you can’t and then you’ll tell us if they are important.

3. So, back to those faucets. Let’s go shopping!

Once you’ve picked out your lot, the builder will start ordering the materials needed to build your home and the fun really begins. Choosing carpet colors, tile patterns, kitchen cabinets, and more - you’ll be eating, dreaming, thinking about every nook and cranny of your new home! While you are loading up your shopping cart with upgraded-this and upgraded-that, we’ll be there to remind you of the impact of these choices not JUST on your wallet, but also on the future. 

We know that you don’t want to think about selling your home when you are just putting it together but we want to try to help you make choices that you will enjoy while also providing guidance on what will make your home timeless should you be one of the folks that makes a move every 3-5 years - yep, that’s the average. We’ll let you know which choices may impact the resale value of your home, which options you are sure to get a high return on and which things you could probably do cheaper on your own. We promise not to take ALL the fun out of this process - it's your dream home, after all!

4. Not only does it not cost you money, but it could SAVE you money.

Our team of agents has undergone very specific training in order to negotiate the best terms and deals on behalf of our clients. When building a new home, you are often juggling the close date with the sale of your home and we can help to ensure a seamless move or at least warn you about some potential challenges before they happen along the way. 

We work diligently with the builder representative to address timing, contingencies, ask about the newest incentive packages and help you explore the best financing options for your purchase. We’ll recommend home specialists for items needed after closing, remind you to budget for things like window coverings and backyard landscaping, and help you keep tabs on what furniture you want to put where. As real estate professionals, we are often brought in the loop on special financing, incentive or lot availability and will pass that knowledge all along to you!

5. And the number ONE's more fun with us around!

We promise not to be a buzzkill, we're there for you when it gets a little stressful or overwhelming and you'll know that we'll always be on your side. Plus - we'll try to make it as fun as possible and we'll definitely be there to celebrate with you when you are all moved in. Who wouldn't want a side-kick as you make decisions about one of the biggest purchases you'll probably make in your life? We nominate us.  

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