Arizona Timeless Tourist

The Arizona Timeless Tourist was created to take you on a journey through the great state of Arizona, by searching for less known places in the valley like ancient ruins, cliff dwellings, ancient canals, POW camps, apollo astronaut training locations, death caves, ghost towns, hiking trails, stage stops, petroglyphs, Iwo Jima history and many more.  


Arizona Timeless Tourist

My name is Dean Bodamer, I served 11 years in the USAF. I was stationed in Lajes Field Azores for 16 months, Biloxi Mississippi for 6 years and Northern Virginia for 3 years.  Then I worked for the department of Justice in North Carolina for 6 years. My family and I moved from Morrisville, North Carolina to Arizona in March of 2012. So we have now been residents of the East Valley for approximately 8 years.

About 2 Years ago I started a Youtube channel called the Arizona Timeless Tourist.  Over that time, I have traveled throughout the state of Arizona videoing and learning about this great state.  There is so much to explore and discover in Arizona, so many hidden secrets or less known places of which people have never heard.  I love telling the stories about these places and revealing the locations, so that others can enjoy them. Families are so busy these days, they just don’t have the time to sit down and discover all the greatness that Arizona has to offer.  Now they can visit my Youtube channel, Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter and find a place that they have never been before.  

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Twitter - Bodamer44

Email - [email protected] - for speaking engagements or one-on-one consultations.

Arizona Timeless Tourist

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