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What's Up Southeast Valley? December 2021

The Amy Jones Group
Dec 9 18 minutes read

Month of December

Welcome back to our What's Up Southeast Valley for the month of December!

The real estate market is changing with each moment and we're finding new ways to connect with you, our community and local small businesses throughout it all! Welcome to Fall in Arizona, we are so excited to be on this journey with you!

We LOVE our clients, community, local businesses, giving back and serving YOU. Let's have an incredible month together!

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Upcoming Events

Local Business Mixer

Thursday, January 6th from 4:30pm to 6:00pm

Join the Amy Jones Real Estate Group for our quarterly business mixer!

As one of the top real estate groups in the Valley, we are always looking for new businesses to share with our clients.

Come by Parlay Kitchen to meet our team of fantastic agents, as well as other local businesses!

This event is being sponsored by our friends at Fidelity National Title Agency - Copper Point.

RSVP for this FREE event today!

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Local Business Mixer

Ways to Get Involved in The Community

Affordable Christmas - Toy & Clothing Drive

We are so excited to give these kids an amazing Christmas and we hope you'll help make it happen!

We're officially collecting donations here at the market center until December 17th. You can either drop them off personally, or if you have friends, family, neighbors, or anyone else who wants to donate they can ship them directly here.

Thank you all for your support! Let's make this another amazing Affordable Christmas!

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ASA Now - Volunteers Needed

ASA Now is seeking volunteers to help us this week at Jacob's Mission Community Center.

Priority is as follows:

- Sort and put away donations

- Prepare Food Boxes

- Fill emergency need requests when a submission is received. Clothing and basic personal item packs are put together/distributed for each child listed on the request - each child or youth receives 3 tops, 3 bottoms, socks, underwear or wipes with diapers/pull ups. Backpack for school aged children or a Comfort bag for children ages 1-4. 3 books, a blanket, hygiene kit and shoes.

- Fill Birthday box request when a submission is received. Put together- costume, 2 new toys, new book, new blanket, as well as a birthday kit in a bag (cake mix, frosting, candles, party decor).

- Assist with cleaning tasks

Link to sign up:

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House of Refuge - Items Needed

House of Refuge is currently in need of little girls clothing. Please contact below or reach out to us for pick up or more details!

House of Refuge is a faith-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located on 20 acres in Southeast Mesa, Arizona. Our community includes 88 2-bedroom homes that we rent to families experiencing homelessness. By providing a home and comprehensive, wrap-around supportive services, we help these families overcome homelessness, become self-sufficient and move to sustainable housing.

In order to be eligible to live at House of Refuge, an individual must be deemed homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or fleeing domestic violence and have at least one minor child living with him/her or be in her third trimester of pregnancy. Eligible families must sign a lease and agree to pay $400 a month, including all utilities.

When we welcome an eligible family to House of Refuge, we provide a home, home furnishings, clothing, food boxes, individualized case management services and employment and education support. All residents have access to services and facilities in our community including the Community Center for after school programming, the Employment & Education Center, the Community Garden and the Donation Center.

We believe through our innovative programming that values employment and education, our families can stabilize their lives and transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

More Info

House of Refuge

Our Team Around Town

This month has been full of fun as we stepped out, stepped up, and stepped into the lives of our community! From Women in Leadership events, to the House of Refuge volunteer day, buyer's walk throughs and more - Check out all of the fun and follow us on SOCIAL!

We're Hiring!

The Amy Jones Group is RAPIDLY growing! We are hiring Real Estate Sales Professionals for our Gilbert office. On pace to serve more than 165 families in 2021 alone, we are looking for EXPERIENCED agents to join our Southeast Valley team. Known for our excellent client care, exceptional negotiation skills, world class digital marketing, and being trusted advisors in the SE Valley for more than a decade - we are looking for hard working, ethical, creative, real estate professionals who love to learn and thrive in a team environment, where giving back and giving to each other is important to our overall success. For more information on who we are and how to apply, visit or send your resume to [email protected]!

Market Update

The new year is fast approaching and we’ve finally got a chill in the air to celebrate! After a long hot summer, and let’s face it, a warm Thanksgiving - we are finally getting to enjoy a bit of true winter weather…well, Arizona winter that is. This year has been full of ups and downs and we’ve done our best to navigate those as we walked YOUR walk with your families, your neighbors, and OUR community and we’re committed now more than ever to showing up in 2022 for YOU.  

We’ve got some exciting new things planned for the coming year including the kick off of our Business Mixers in January, our Women in Leadership series in March, a new program to show some extra love to those clients who have allowed us the honor of being along their real estate journey with them and a TON of ways to give back with our new non-profit Community On Purpose launching in 2022 with a podcast and more of what you already love - ways to give back with money, time, and word of mouth. 

We’ll continue to support some of our same organizations that have such a big place in our hearts - Jacob’s Mission, ASA Now, House of Refuge, Clothes Cabin, and ICAN - and continue to add others like Positive Paths, Shannon’s Giving, and Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels so PLEASE join us! We have been so grateful to serve through real estate and community and are excited to do more of what we love and what the community needs in 2022.

Keeping an eye on the numbers over the next few weeks is going to be easy - we don’t expect to see much change as many people are distracted by mistletoe, candy canes, and champagne toasts but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good time to try to snag your piece of the real estate pie. The holidays are bustling but buying a home during the holidays doesn’t mean you are MOVING during the holidays, in fact many of our sellers selling this time of year have negotiated 30-90 day lease backs to help them SELL now and STAY in their home until after the new year.

We’re heading into the final countdown to 2022 with less inventory than we had headed into 2021 - and we all know how that turned out. With just 6800 homes on the market and 27% annual appreciation under our belt, we’ll know pretty quickly after the turn of the new year if we’re going to be headed for another frenzy come March time. If we don’t start to add to the inventory bucket, expectations are that we’ll top 15% appreciation for the coming year, meaning the sooner you can make a move into something you love the better.

 We’re keeping a close watch on rental prices, concerned that if those start dipping that might indicate a pending shift of inventory into the resale market, talking  A LOT about the cost of waiting ESPECIALLY if you are in a rental and the risks associated with being on a month to month lease and the luxury space that is THRIVING despite the lack of institutional investors and iBuyers. Bottom line? Marketing is key, knowing how to navigate the market is clutch, and having the right team on your side is a non-negotiable.  


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Blog Spotlight


Community Spotlights

Lorraine Tallman

Founder & CEO - Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in celebration of Amanda Hope’s life. Our mission is to bring dignity and comfort into the harsh world of childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases through our Comfycozy’s for Chemo, Comfort and Care Counseling, Major Distractions, and Financial Assistance programs. 

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, supports the here and now needs of families impacted by childhood cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Founded in honor of Amanda Hope, a little girl battling cancer had a special dream to help other children in her same situation. Her mother and our Founder, Lorraine Tallman, turned her wish into reality. We provide our Comfycozy’s for Chemo adaptive apparel to any child with a central line throughout the world. We have online resources available including our Amanda Hope Blog and Facebook Live Storytime. In Arizona, we provide free Comfort and Care counseling sessions, Major Distraction events and Financial Assistance.

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, supports the here and now needs of families impacted by childhood cancer. Founded in honor of Amanda Hope, a little girl battling cancer who had a special dream to help other children in her same situation. Her mother and our Founder, Lorraine Tallman, turned her wish into reality for thousands of children. Our mission is to bring dignity and comfort into the harsh world of childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Today, Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels provides our Comfycozy’s for Chemo apparel throughout the world and Comfort and Care counseling, Major Distraction events and Financial Assistance to families across Arizona. 

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that brings dignity and comfort into the harsh world of childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases across Arizona. We support the here-and-now needs of our warrior families through our Comfycozy’s for Chemo adaptive apparel, Comfort and Care counseling, Major Distractions (Meals of Hope, craft days, family events, teen nights, etc.), and Financial Assistance. Lorraine Tallman founded the organization after her young daughter Amanda Hope lost her almost four-year battle with leukemia and a brain tumor. Amanda dreamed that one day she would design a fun clothing line to provide comfort and dignity to kids who were also going through chemotherapy. Her dream lives on through Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels.

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels 

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels

Amber Kovarik

Founder - Shannon's Giving

In May 2017, I lost my 32 year old sister to Cancer. It was by far the most traumatic and challenging life event I have ever gone through. It taught me that you do not really understand the deep pain of losing someone until it happens to you. She was the first person I ever lost that I was close to and after losing her I had to go on a very purposeful journey to heal. I knew right away I was either going to sink from this and go into a dark place or I was going to rise, I was going to honor her and I was going to become a better version of myself through this experience. I chose the latter and through this proce ss I created a charity called Shannon’s Giving. Last year we became an approved 501(c)(3), which was a dream of mine since I started this charity 4 years ago.
I have big plans and dreams for Shannon’s Giving. Right now our mission is to provide pre-prepared Whole Foods meals to families who either have someone very sick with cancer or recently lost someone and the thought of putting on a holiday dinner is just too much. Thanksgiving was Shannon and I’s favorite holiday and I know the joy, love and laughter that can be shared over a meal of Turkey and gravy. If we can make a dark time easier for these families and help create memories, that is what we are all about.

Guild Mortgage - 

Loan Consultant, NMLS# 184992

My team looks forward to assisting you with your home financing!

I am honored to be ranked in the top 1% of loan originators in the US and have been in business for over 15 years serving clients in both Arizona and California. My team is blessed to serve hundreds of families each year in their quest to either save money with a refinance or purchase a home with the best possible financing package. Guild has been in business for over 56 years, they also just ranked #1 in customer service by J.D. Power. They are the third largest servicer and all aspects of the loan are handled locally! This allows us to create real and lasting relationships with our clients. It takes a village and behind us is a rockstar team ready to help you along the way. 

On top of being a mortgage guru, I am a food and wine enthusiast! I love creating memories with people and experiencing the best life has to offer with my husband and two young daughters. 

 We look forward to showing you just how EASY getting a mortgage can be!

Shannon's Giving 

Amber Kovarik

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Monday Market Update

Thursday Market of The Moment

Every week, our trusted Title partner, Don Czajkowski with Fidelity National Title has a meeting of the minds to talk about the ever changing real estate market, especially right now. This week, Mindy was a featured guest talking about inventory, new home builds, interest rates, tips to release the equity in your home, alternatives and options to give yourself more time to find a property to purchase when selling and what the Amy Jones Group has been up to this month. Check out all of the recent broadcasts below starting with the one from this week!

Through Her Eyes

Live.Love.Local - Connecting The Southeast Valley

Connecting with the community lights up our souls and we couldn't be more thrilled to get to know those who run our small businesses. It's so important that we support local, especially right now. Each business below is open, taking appointments, reserving parties and staying safe by following our state guidelines. Let's all do our part in keeping the economy alive, so that when it comes time to fully get back to life, we can all thrive once more.

Community on Purpose Podcast


Have questions about selling your home? Afraid of what happens if you sell and don’t have somewhere to go? 

Not sure how refinances, home equity lines of credit, or renovation loans work? 

Check out this video for YOU below!

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