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What's Up Southeast Valley? May 2020

The Amy Jones Group
May 6 14 minutes read

A Different Kind of Mother's Day

Welcome back to our What's Up Southeast Valley for the month of May!

Since our last broadcast, there have been many changes within our community, environment, work life, home life and how we conduct our days. We are in this together and will get through this together!

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Happy Mother's Day to all of you AMAZING Mothers

Although Mother's Day might look a little bit different this year, our roles haven't changed. Our responsibilities haven't changed. We have brought all of the aspects of our lives together under one roof for an unforeseeable future all while comforting and ensuring your children that everything will be ok. Although you display the courage each day, being strong for your children and family is the ultimate courage. 

"I want the courage to let go of the things I cannot control, the grace I need as I stumble and fall, and for my kids to know that I will always be their number one fan.” 

-Mindy Jones Nevarez, Owner of The Amy Jones Group

Our Response to Covid-19


Staying Active & Supporting 

The Community During These Times


How do you juggle it all? Working from home, homeschool, taking care of the house and kids. We have the resources to help! 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Actually Get Work Done While Homeschooling Kids. We need all of the help that we can get with homeschooling. How do teachers do it all year long? If you missed Teacher Appreciation Week, make sure to let your kid's teachers know how much you appreciate them. Make sure to try and make a schedule for yourself to get your work done and then a schedule for the rest of the family. We can do this!


Waiting for the gym to reopen and not sure what to do in the meantime? Doing it all at home can feel impossible. Lucky for you, there are some incredible apps out there to help keep you moving (both literally and figuratively) toward your goals. If Yoga is your thing, Down Dog will help you craft a personalized routine perfect for your practice. Plus, for educators and students, it’s free until June! For HIIT, dance classes, kickboxing and more, Beachbody on Demand offers more than 1,100 workouts to choose from. Before the weather starts to heat up, get outside! Head to the park and walk up and down hills, ride your bike with the family or get together for a socially distant group workout under the trees!


Not sure what to do with your kiddos at home now that school is out? Until #stayathome orders are lifted, there are many online and at home options to keep the kiddos from going stir crazy:


Being home with family for an extended length of time can be both a blessing and, if you have small children, a curse. My suggestion? Find clever ways to stave off cabin fever and stay active. Whether that means building an obstacle course with painter's tape or bowling with plastic cups, find something unique to you that the whole family can enjoy. Maybe have some fun creating lighthearted videos together to pass the time and bring a smile to everyone’s face!


There are a lot of resources during this time if you need help with finances or are looking for information on how to file unemployment or check on your stimulus options. Track your economic recovery options here. Want to make sure to keep your credit stable? Receive a free credit report here. 

📈 Market Update

💬 Covid-19 Market Response

We’ve been tracking the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on our families and our market for just over two months now and while there is much uncertainty about the spread of the disease and much debate over the precautions or lack of precautions being taken, we have become experts in uncovering the needs of our community members and exploring solutions for them with everything that we know to be true today. As professionals in the real estate industry, our knowledge and experience provides a unique perspective on our local housing industry and as moms ourselves, we can’t underestimate the importance to us of disseminating that information and helping others as we do our own family. 


As we’ve shared before - the housing prices and time on market are driven not by the fluctuation of demand solely but rather by the balance between supply and demand. Many of the conversations we’ve had over the last few weeks have been about the hardship and jobloss that many are experiencing and how that will impact the housing market and the answer is that it will primarily affect demand but only minimally impact supply. We definitely have folks who l HAVE to make a move right now and those sellers may be eager to get on the market because unlike the crash, most home owners have equity in their home and also unlike the crash, the demand for their homes is very real. As we headed into May, we saw the short lived rise in listings during the month of April start to trend back down as it was prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Given that we already had an extreme shortage of available houses on the market prior to the pandemic, that short lived increase in supply was not enough to shift us out of an inventory deficient market. 

We’ve now set a record for the second week in a row since the Covid-19 pandemic that the number of buyers and sellers coming to the closing table has started to level out and we anticipate that number to rise again in pre-Covid fashion due to the fact that new contracts have started to increase again. While we don’t anticipate that we’ll immediately start seeing a record number of transactions, it is naive to think that less volume equates to a poor housing market or a housing market headed for collapse. Home prices are unlikely to see any downward pressure while there is still an extreme shortage of housing and with nearly no foreclosures on the books for April, we see folks leveraging the short term solutions provided by lenders to assist with any hardship they are experiencing. Many folks how had planned to make a move pre-Covid would like to get into a new house with record low interest rates, we’ve got several clients refinancing to improve the home that they are in, and still others are recognizing after two months at home that if there is going to be a shift in the market, they want to be in a DIFFERENT house to ride the wave in.

Check out interest rates here - 

 Guild Mortgage

While we can’t predict the future of the housing market we can continue to discuss the differences between this market and the housing crash of the early 2000s which are dramatic, we can continue to give a platform to our lender partners to talk about how they are supporting you through the changing market with changes in loan programs and forbearance options, and continue to dissect the numbers on a daily basis to see where we might be headed. Right now we’re showing about 25% less inventory on the market valley-wide than we had at this time last year, we’re seeing sellers who want to get top dollar for their home in the shorter period of time the market will bear achieving great results with multiple offers at many price points, and we’re seeing buyers take advantage of interest rates that increase their buying power by $10-$25K with each reduction we’ve seen. While we can’t predict the future of pricing, the data indicates that it will continue to go up but its really the interest rates that stand to make a bigger difference one your monthly payment. 

Right now our focus is on tracking supply and demand, days inventory, and prices which the news stations will start to report are falling, if they haven’t already, as the average $/sf will continue to be impacted by less LUXURY sales during this pandemic. If you want to fact check the next local headline, geek out on some housing numbers, or want to have a real honest conversation about where your family is headed and how we can help you move forward, we’d love to chat.

🙌  Community Spotlight 

Terri Kimble - Chandler Chamber of Commerce

Terri Kimble has been in the Business Development field for over 28 years, working for a number of chambers of commerce in Michigan before coming to Phoenix in 2009. In Michigan, she served as president and executive director of several chambers and served on the executive board of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.  After moving to the Valley in 2009 she became the President/CEO of the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce and in 2011, took the helm of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce.  The Chandler Chamber is the 3rd largest Chamber in the State of Arizona representing over 170,000 employees.

Kimble also serves on the Arizona State University Polytechnic Community Advisory Board, Chandler-Gilbert Community College Advisory Board, City of Chandler Economic Development Advisory Board, and Intel Community Advisory Board, just to name a few.  

Terri has been recognized as Phoenix Business Journal’s Outstanding Woman in Business. She received a Woman of Chandler Award from Chandler Lifestyles Magazine, and saw the Chandler Chamber inducted into the City of Chandler’s Celebration Plaza under her leadership.  

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce is the voice of Business and the visionary organization in Chandler.  The Chamber is working to create a business climate that attracts new businesses and enhances growth and expansion opportunities for existing businesses and is committed to creating value-added membership opportunities and benefits.  Success will lead to an environment that promotes job growth, continued economic expansion and ultimately a quality of life that is unsurpassed.

Contact Information - 


25 S Arizona Pl, Suite 201 | Chandler, AZ 85225

[email protected]


Chandler Chamber - Terri Kimble

Amy Jones Group Events

RED DAY - Opportunity to Give Back

We so excited to announce that despite not being able to get together for our annual RED Day with the Amy Jones Real Estate Group and Keller Williams Integrity First Mesa/Gilbert, we are launching a campaign to GIVE BACK!

The annual day of service is dedicated to making a MASSIVE impact on our community - and we've had to get creative in the face of COVID-19.

Instead of just ONE day of service, we are giving YOU the chance to participate in donating to one of THREE worthy causes between now and May 14th.

Drop off donations M-F between 8am-NOON or we will come to you! Just send us a message or give us a call.

Check out the flier below and let me know if you can drop off donations or want us to pick them up from your porch. So many great ways to get involved this year - thank you all for being YOU!

Details   Facebook Event       


Hometown Hero Nomination

In times like this, we are reminded of the everyday heroes in our communities. People who go above and beyond to help their neighbors and the community as a whole. All of us at Keller Williams Integrity First would like to honor the every day people who have brought positivity into our community by giving them a special gift on MAY 14th as part of our yearly community service day “Red Day.” 

To do this, we need your help! Who do you know, that stand out above the rest, and even in the darkest of times has shown through and brought light into the lives of others around you. To nominate your “community hero” we ask that you submit their name and information, along with how they have serviced the community. Thank you for your help in identifying these amazing neighbors that prove that “Together, Everyone achieves more”

Nominate   More Info   

Hometown Hero

Summer Fun Giveaway

Give us a call on May 15th between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm to be entered to win the following:

Backyard Movie Projector System
Yeti Cooler Party Package
Local Restaurant Gift Card Bundle
Hover Brand Electric Scooter
Backyard BBQ or Smoker: A $1,000 Value!

How to Enter   Call to WIN

Summer Fun Giveaway

 Covid-19 Resources







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